Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Father's Day to my Hub

He is my husband and the father of our children. But those titles do not do him justice. He makes our boys feel special and valued. Here are just a few of the reasons I pat myself on the back for marrying and having children with my Hub. 

He has shown me how to be patient with my boys.

He allows our boys to be the daredevils that they are and (most of the time) he proves my worrying wrong. 

He shows our boys what love looks like. 

He always strives to make our boys' day the "best day ever!" 

He is slow to anger/frustration and fast to recover from anger/frustration. 

He then apologizes for his anger or frustration if it is unwarranted. 

He makes sure our boys are safe, happy and cared for at all times. 

He tells our boys that they are his "best buddies." 

He recognizes our boys unique and different abilities. 

He talks to them about his childhood. 

He shows them that it is ok to be wrong or make a mistake. 

He shows them how to apologize. 

He never misses a little league, coach pitch baseball game and when our First Born is playing he watches as if the Phillies are in the world series. 

He cuddles with our Little One. 

He is very sensitive to our First Born's fears at bedtime and much more patient than I am. 

He introduces them to all kinds of music. 

He loves watching them belly laugh at the Three Stooges.

He will watch train videos ad nausuem with our boys. 

He will even purchase more train videos so that they can watch them when he is not home. 

He surprises them with stickers/hard hats/clip boards/"important papers" that he "finds" at work.

He explains to them when he is tired from working so much and tolerates it when they ignore his explanation. 

He enthusiastically takes them hiking and fishing and exploring. 

He will dig holes on the beach until it is unsafe for the general public to walk on said beach, just because the boys want more holes in the sand.  

He teaches them the value of hard work and doing things right the first time. 

He shows them the importance of being a true Philadelphia Sports fan, through thick and thin. No bandwagoners allowed! 

He not only allows but encourages them to be goofy. 

He demonstrates this goofiness daily. 

He gives me hugs and kisses in front of them. 

He makes me laugh almost as much as they do. 

He drives me crazy, in both the good way and the bad way. 

He loves me for the crazy that I am. 

He consistently shows our boys what an amazing father and loving husband looks like, every day. 

Happy Father's Day My Love!


Bethany said...

"Unsafe for the general public"! We have the same thing here! What a beautiful, loving tribute to your hubs!! Happy fathers day to him!

Momma O said...

Thanks! Just be careful... Cape May NJ and Ocean City, NJ. Hopefully we can catch up at some point this summer and they can all dig holes together!

The Hubs said...

Nice post. I am always happy to read about other great dads/hubs.

Momma O said...

Thanks for reading and for the comment!

F said...

That is beautiful. I love that and am very happy that you have such a swell guy. Very, very nifty.

Momma O said...
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Momma O said...

Thanks F, and as always, thanks for reading! Miss you!