Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sympathy for the Devil

The Hub handed me the newspaper this morning and said, “You gotta see this one.  Read the Corbett article and my comments!”  He handed me the Philadelphia Inquirer with the second article on the front page reading, Penn State sanctions ‘unlawful’ by Amy Worden.  The article had paragraphs and sentences underlined and circled, in blue bic pen, by The Hub along with his profanity filled handwritten comments. The Hub had some really good comments and I am going to add some of my own. Here is a digital copy of said article.

Did you read that?   If not here is a synopsis.  Corbett is going to use taxpayer money to sue the NCAA for the sanctions they issued on Penn State.  They issued these sanctions after Jerry Sandusky raped young boys in Penn State Football facilities during and after Penn State officials were warned about his behavior, yet continued to enable him.

This lawsuit is coming from Corbett who is a member of the Penn State Board of Trustees.  Conflict of interest maybe?  His complaint is that Penn State and the local Penn State businesses may lose money!  MAY lose money.  The only statistic provided was from “Michael Desmond, a State College business owner.... said his seven restaurants were doing 10 percent less business on football weekends...”  Boo F-ing Hoo!  

Hey, I have an idea. Instead of suing the NCAA, why not sue the estates of Jerry Sandusky, Graham Spanier, Tim Curley all others that were directly involved in the raping of boys and the covering up of those rapes.  All those big tough guys who turned a blind eye to what Jerry Sandusky was doing as they let him have access to the locker rooms, game tickets, and preferential treatment. They did NOTHING when getting reports of Sandusky acting “inappropriately” with children.   Sue THEM so that the local businesses can recoup their money.  It was THIER fault that they committed perjury, conspiracy, and endangered the welfare of children.  As representatives of Penn State Football, the NCAA had every right to come down hard on them.    

This attitude that the fallout (i.e. NCAA sanctions of Penn State), of these crimes are hurting the ‘innocent’, (i.e. the local businesses and students),  is exactly the point.  No, these businesses did nothing wrong.  No, these students did nothing wrong.  Will they feel the effect?  Absolutely.  Should they seek justice?  That is their INDIVIDUAL right.   They should go after those that caused the sanctions in the first place, not the NCAA.  The NCAA was the judge who issued the sentence, not the perp who did the crime.  Why is the state going to foot the bill for suing the NCAA? All of the sudden the State has this concern for the innocent victims of these sanctions.  Conveniently 6 months after the sanctions were imposed, conveniently after football season?

It is highly suspect that Corbett is filing this lawsuit in support of all these wealthy business owners and Penn State Board of Trustees, in a year before an election.   It will also go over really well with the angry alumni that he is going after the big bad NCAA and all their power.  While that may be needed at some point in time, this is not that time.  All of this and the REAL innocent victims - those children who were tortured and raped by Jerry Sandusky and were further tortured by those who knew and did nothing to help them - are being ignored, again.  Does he really want to drag these rape victims and their families through this scandal another time, so that he can win some high powered votes?  Well, it looks that way.  

Hey, Penn State is not hurting for money, too much. They just gave Graham Spanier $3.3 Million after he was forced to resign.   He is under indictment for gross misconduct at Penn State and they just gave him a severance package?   Yet the victims of Jerry Sandusky have not gotten any recompense.  WTF!   

So I don’t have any sympathy for Penn State or it’s Board of Trustees (Tom Corbett).  They made their bed, now they have to lie in it.  It shouldn’t be too hard for them.  They have been in bed with much, much worse.  


Becky said...

I had just finished reading an op-ed piece in the NYTimes about this when I logged into blogger and saw you had posted this.
Having grown up in PA, I actually attended Penn State for part of a semester at my parents' insistence. I hated it for reasons I couldn't entirely put my finger on. The more that comes out about this whole situation helps me put my finger on it. I too, have zero sympathy for any of them. I thought they should have shut down the entire program.

Momma O said...

Thanks so much Becky. I am getting some flack for this post, but I just can't understand the support of the good ole boys mentality, especially by women and parents. I attended Penn State campus my freshman year too! (It was just a satellite campus.)Thanks for reading and commenting.