Monday, October 14, 2013

For Sale by Owner, Magic included.

For Sale:

A Warm Loving Home with a side of Magic

This is no normal home.  This is a magical and wonderful place.  It belongs to my MiMom.  She and my PopPop bought this home and watched it be built in 1948. 
They were newly married, living in an apartment in South Philadelphia and had a bouncing baby boy (my father.)  Their families were surprised and worried that they were moving so far away, going all the way to this new development in Drexel Hill. Although, they were able to convince my PopPop’s brother and his new wife to move in to the twin house attached to theirs.  My great-grandfather, Pop Otto, was there to solicit his “advise,” in broken English, to the builders and to whomever would listen.  Although he spent a lot of time saying, “Waassa matta, youa no undastan de ingleesh?” 

Pop Otto 

When they moved in, after settlement they only had about $11.00 left for the month.  Therefore the celebratory dinner that they were going to have, had to be a modest one. Pop Otto (MiMom’s Dad) got to work along with my PopPop (his son-in-law) to custom build the corner china cabinets and wooden valances on every window, along with the trim woodwork and moldings.  My PopPop was very proud of the spiel he added onto the bottom of the banister.  This was a wonderful home of a hard working couple who raised two sons.  

Super Powers
The home did not start showing signs of it’s enchantment until the early 70s.  I don’t remember the first time I was brought to the home, since I was a baby but all my memories of this home are hard to be believed.  The magic happens the minute you step in the door.  Whenever I walked in, I was instantly transformed into “pretty-girl” and “princess.”  When there in the home, I could do no wrong, no matter how hard I tried.  In this house, my PopPop who was a strong disciplinarian with his own boys became the most kind-hearted and jolly man I knew.  He also thought I was the prettiest girl in the world and hung on my every word.  My MiMom who was a notoriously busy woman always had time to tell me stories and let me bake and cook with her.  She always wanted me there.  That is part of the alchemy, when you are there you are always wanted.  You are always accepted and you are never turned away.  The magic this home possessed is still there today.
MiMom and her Princess in front of china cabinet 
PopPop and his Pretty Girl

Thinking that I was the only one that experienced the home’s power, I spoke with my cousin, second cousins and brother.  They TOO felt the forces of this home.  When you sit and eat there in the formal dining room, and people start yelling and screaming, the house does it’s work and everyone is hugging and kissing before they leave.  

Great house for Parties.
It doesn’t stop there. When sleeping in one of the 3 bedrooms of this house, it is the warmest and comfiest you will ever feel.  When you wake in this home and run down the stairs you are always greeted as though you have not been seen in ages and the care and concern for how you slept is evident. 

When lounging in the living room watching tv you can easily look out the enclosed porch and see all that is going on in the neighborhood, but the house may make you go to the porch door and stand there with it partially opened while leaning out to make sure everyone in the neighborhood is behaving.  

The basement of this home has seen many parties and celebrations, not to mention a perfect getaway for kids who need to play and not disrupt the adults. The basement leads to a driveway and a garage that saw, teenage boys build their very own boat. It also has a workbench that was used by my PopPop, to keep the house always looking it’s best.  

The kitchen is where you will find the most bewitchment happen.  There is where the best food in the world is made with meticulous care and attention to detail.  It is in that kitchen, sitting around the table, stories will be passed on and gossip will be told and embellishments will be made.  It is at that same table where you will learn how difficult it is to make a Gianetti cookie, especially because you are never given the exact ingredients.  This kitchen table and the dining room table is where all the most important discussions will be made and where decisions will be finalized.  
Notice custom wooden valance

Notice the custom made banister
So now that my PopPop has passed on, almost 4 years ago now, and my MiMom is approaching her 94th year, it is time to pass this magical house onto another hard working family.  The magic is there.  I can vouch for it.  I still experience it when I walk through the front door.  Apparently it has doubled since my boys were born as the 5th generation has been enchanted by this home. 

5th generation to enjoy this fine home.  
This house is for sale.  But as you can see, this is no normal house.  It contains amazing powers.  There is no extra charge for the magic.  Yes, it may need a little bit of work in the bathroom and kitchen.  Yes, the finished basement, may need some tlc.  But this home, this mystical place,  is a true gem.  It is where you can make the same types of memories that fuel the magic of this house.  You can purchase this home and become transformed.  It will be the best investment you have ever made.  

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F said...

Gosh, you make me want to buy it. So very much. I love the pictures. I think this might be my most favorite post you have ever written. It chokes me up.

Momma O said...

Thank you as always, F!!!! I miss writing and must get back to doing it more! Not to mention reading! I have not kept up with any of my favorite blogs lately. Your's included!

Unknown said...

Well, isn't this wonderful! A charming post and if I didn't already own a few homes I might just have a look! I like it when 'magic' is complimentary.

Momma O said...

Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I really do appreciate it. It is bittersweet to say goodbye to such a wonderful home, but I am hoping that it goes to a family who will show it as much love as it has shown my family.

Cathy Glavey said...

This has to be the Reale home on Wilde Avenue! I grew up on Blythe Avenue and although their sons Joey and Arty were older than me it was the type of neighborhood where everyone knew everyone and all were like family. I loved seeing Mr and Mrs Reale's pictures you have posted here. My parents were friends with them and I remember them well. It was a magical neighborhood to grow up in!

Trudi H. Super said...

What a amazingly beautiful, magical story. My hubby and I bought our first home in Drexel Hill in 1963. In 1972 we moved further out to Honey Brook and found a "magical" little farm to raise our four children in. We now live in Florida and tell stories about our childhood, mine in Drexel Hill and John's in Upper Darby, to our eleven wonderful grandchildren. Your story just sparkles with love and I really wish I knew someone who would be interested in your family home.

Momma O said...

Yes, and thank you so much Cathy for your kind words. The neighborhoods were like family. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Momma O said...

Thank you Trudi! I am happy that you enjoyed my blog. When so much happens in one particular place -that place where everyone has gathered, one time or another, a place that is constant and never changing - it becomes not only a place but a character and a true part of the family. One thing I keep reminding myself throughout this is that the memories do not go away and we can pull from them whenever they are needed. Thanks so much for reading and sharing.

John Jam said...

The description is AWESOME! Much better than us realtors. Blythe, Plumstead, Albemarle, Childs, Lasher, Stanbridge, Wilde, Marshall, Alexander, Berry, Burnley, Bruswick? Am I close. Anyway, I've always said, each home attracts the same type of owners so, the next owners will be a class act as well. Good Luck. John Jam. ps...did I miss the price?

Momma O said...

Thank you, John! I appreciate it. I surely do hope that they same type of owners buy this house, that way we know it will be loved and cared for. You know your Drexel Hill! The house is on Wilde Ave. and it is priceless! I did not list a price because it is negotiable. But she is looking for a fair market value. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

Unknown said...

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