Monday, May 5, 2014

Yeah Write Entry # 160




The dull din of waves, kids playful screams and a multitude of conversations.

Then it happened.

I dropped the french fry.

They came out of no where and everywhere.

Cawing and screaming for more.  



Peace stealing birds.


This is an entry into this week's Gargleblaster brought to us by Yeah Write 
The Rules:
Why do birds suddenly appear?
Give us your answer in 42 words. We know you all know the next line in the song. Let’s see if you can make us think of something different. Take it out of context of the original song and help me clear my head!
You don’t need to include the question in your 42-word response, and you should make sure your answer stands alone. What do we mean? Write down the question. Write down your response. Now cover the question with your hand and read your answer out loud. Does it still make sense when you don’t know the question? That’s what we’re looking for. Be creative, and remember: no family allowed!